Holosync Review – Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

Holosync was the first high-tech meditation program and is widely considered the father of audio meditation and mind training.

It all started when Bill Harris developed a method of tapping into the subconscious by using an audio technology named binaural beats.

Although there are cheaper versions of similar programs available, The Holosync Solution has stood the test of time for many years, delivering proven results to thousands of people.

holosync review

How To Use Holosync

You listen to the CDs for an hour everyday. As you progress, you’ll be sent a new series of CDs, each one taking you to a deeper level of brain activity, consciousness, awareness and relaxation – depending on which CD you are using.

You’ll need a good set of headphones (easy to find on eBay) to get the full benefits. If you already have your own meditation techniques, you can incorporate these into the session, too. If not, you can still just listen and still achieve the same benefits.

My Experience with Holosync

I’ve been using the Holosync program for three years now. What changes have I noticed? An increased awareness of how I react to situations and people around me, a better ability to control my reactions reasonably and positively, and a greater sense of mindfulness and living in the moment.

Because of this, I don’t get as stressed out and i appreciate life more. I’m more confident and I’m enjoying life more. I’ve noticed that the negative aspects of my life have fallen away, or at least become less of an issue.

holosync by Bill Harris

Holosync Customer Support

Centerpointe (the company behind Holosync) provides excellent support while you are in the beginning stages of the program with a series of emails that talk about the experiences you might be having.

Their support team is top-notch, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give them a call.

What Can You Expect From Holosync?

What benefits can you expect? Everyone has a different experience, but the majority of people I have spoken to notice profound changes, some quite soon and quite dramatic, and others later in the program and more subtle.

You can expect to notice stress reduction as your first benefit, higher energy levels after a week or so, and better sleep and learning ability after 2-4 weeks.

bill harris thresholds of the mind

The creator of Holosync Bill Harris also wrote a book, “Thresholds of the Mind”, which comes free with the program and is an excellent read. Bill explains how the mind creates reality in great detail.

You also get access to free online coaching courses as part of the program.  They’re great because you can burn CDs and listen to them in your car.

You’ll want to listen to them more than once to absorb all the information.

Holosync Pros

  • Reduced stress
  • Enhanced creativity
  • A more positive attitude
  • Better relationships
  • Increased Productivity
  • Free online courses
  • Free book
  • Great after sales support

Holosync Cons

  • Time commitment: 1 hour a day.
  • Patience required: some people experience immediate changes using Holosync, for some they are more gradual.
  • Cost: Each new session of CDs costs money, but in my opinion it’s well worth it. (They do run different promotions throughout the year so be on the lookout)

In Conclusion

If you are serious about self-improvement and you want to make broad positive changes in your life then I highly recommend Holosync.

It’s an all encompassing program and has been around long enough to prove its worth. It has also halved in price over the last year due to competition.

The website isn’t the easiest to navigate, and I’m guessing this is because Bill is a more of a meditator than a website design visionary. That said, the research studies and statistics are all there and make for very interesting reading.